Biocept Demonstrates the Solid Future of Liquid Biopsies

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Biocept Demonstrates the Solid Future of Liquid Biopsies

A recent mendelspod podcast profiles Biocept, its CEO and future of liquid biopsies – an overview and an excerpt:

Michael Nall, CEO of Biocept


0:00 A $20 billion market

4:09 How many tests have you sold to date?

6:36 At what point will the liquid biopsy be preferred to solid tumor biopsy?

11:07 Using the same CPT codes

14:26 Prepping for FDA oversight by working on clinical validity

19:16 Liquid vs solid

“There’s been lots in the news this past year about liquid biopsies—those non-invasive tests which locate biomarkers in a vial of blood. Much of that press (perhaps too much) has been about using these blood tests for cancer screening: predictive tests that could be available to consumers some time in the future.

But according to today’s guest, the real news about liquid biopsies is that they are in use now. Michael Nall is the CEO of Biocept, a company based in San Diego which has gone about as far as any organization in commercializing these non-invasive tests. They offer tests for many kinds of cancer, including breast, colon, prostate, and lung.

“The area we’re focused on really hasn’t gotten as much attention [as the cancer screening tests]. And yet it’s the nearest term and the biggest unmet medical need today: how do you help patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and who are progressing?” says Michael in today’s interview.”

Full interview/feature

May 21st, 2016|